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About Around The Block

Around The Block was written by Russell Hankins because:
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  1. Each player has 4 pieces of the same color.
  2. Each player starts with all 4 of his pieces in the star of the same color as his pieces.
  3. The goal of the game is to get all 4 pieces into the center.
  4. Each player rolls two dice. The numbers on the dice determine how many moves that player can go.
  5. Each player can move one piece out of the star onto the small circle the same color as his piece.
  6. A player can choose which piece he move for each dice roll.
  7. A player can move a separate piece for each dice or the same piece for both dice.
  8. Players can jump over other players or jump over their own pieces.
  9. A player cannot have two pieces on the same rectangle.
  10. If a player stops on another player's piece, the other player has that piece sent back to the star.
  11. If a player stops on a bridge denoted by many small black dots, that player can move to the other side of the bridge.
  12. Some bridges are short saving the player 8 spaces. Some bridges allow the player to jump to the other side of the board.
  13. In order to get to the star in the middle, the player must stop on the bridge that's just before the bridge with the colored circle of his color or on the bridge on the opposite side of the piece of his color.
  14. If a player goes all the way around the board and misses the bridge to the middle star, the player has to keep going around the board again with that piece.
  15. When a player starts, the player must move in the direction of the black arrow that's on the circle of his color.
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