1. Does your team use global functions or do they put their global functions as public static methods of classes?
  2. Does your team use include files that include other include files or do they use spl_autoload to load classes automatically when they are first used?
  3. Does your team use global variables and the global keyword or do they put global variables as properties of classes?
  4. Does your team use inheritance with the extends keyword?
  5. Does your team write code directly using mysqli or do they use a wrapper class for database functionality just in case they want to use sql server in the future?
  6. Does your team use prepared statements, or stored procedures, or do they build the sql statement as a string?
  7. Does your team use the new php 7 type hints for string, int, bool, and float in function parameters?
  8. When testing your website, what browsers do you support?
  9. Is your project plaigued with session timeout complaints from the users or is your website stateless?
  10. Does your team use test driven development?
  11. If the customer asks for more changes just before a sprint is complete, do you postpone those changes until the next sprint or try to make the additional changes part of the current sprint?
  12. C# has classes such as the datatable class and methods such as linq. Do you use any classes in php that provide equivalent functionality?
  13. If a customer wanted us to use PHP 4 would you accomodate him or make him upgrade to at least version 5?