My Email Server

I Want My Own Email Server

List of Problems:

  1. My friend Scott said he'd install several programs to make my pi into an email server. . . for $200. Forget that. I'll do it myself.
  2. Scott said that I'd have to have the ISP change the name of my IP address to match the name of my dot com name or other servers will think I'm a spammer.
  3. Hmm. I'd have to ask Steve if that's ok. He'd have to call Comcast. It's on his network. That's how I got my static IP. :) He said no. Not just no. But he doesn't want me running an email server because other ISPs would ban the whole range of IPs, not just mine.
  4. I'll just move my server somewhere else - AND install the email software myself.
  5. I found a good article on how to install Citadel on the Raspberry Pi. It works. But I can't send mail.
  6. I found another article on how to troubleshoot this. Sumary: Comcast has port 25 blocked.
  7. Comcast says I can use port 587, but I need an xfinity user name and password to authenticate. My friend in California who is letting me run a pi at his business because it's displaying information on a monitor isn't going to give me his xfinity password. I'm not even going to ask.
  8. That's just one crazy idea on a list of ports ideas Comcast doesn't allow.
  9. I ended up using Godaddy's email option.