Music Player

I decided to make a music player by adding a touch screen to a Raspberry Pi because I want features that current music players (iPod) don't have. One of the features I want is the ability to delete a song. I mean I want a big button with Delete in red letters. I remember not being able to delete songs from an iPod. It was a pain. I looked it up to see if maybe I didn't know how to do it.
According to this site:
"Apple doesn't offer them the function of deleting music from device directly. If you want to delete songs from iPod, you need to do it on your computer with iTunes."
Here's version 1.01 of my player. Notice the big Delete button. Here's version 1.05: It supports playlists, copying songs to an attached SD card, copying songs from someone's cell phone
I wrote it in C#.Net. I used Mono to run the C# program. I used MonoDevelop to write the program. It uses System.Windows.Forms to display the graphics. I create new instances of System.Windows.Forms.Button and it to the Controls collection of the form.
Parts List
Raspberry PiCPU$35.00
Touch ScreenDisplay Song Title$45.00
32 GB SD Card Stores Song Files$12.50
Power Supply Power from wall socket$10.00
New features I'd like to add:
Some of them are a bit crazy.
(items in green are completed)
  • Calibrate touch screen
  • Add/Delete/Edit playlists from the touchscreen interface
  • Add songs to a playlist using the touchscreen interface
  • Switch between touch screen and HDMI
  • Click on a song to rename it
  • An option to make the screen go dark until you touch the screen
  • Add an command to shut down the entire unit
  • Delete song should ask "Are you sure?"
  • Delete playlist should ask if you want to also delete the songs
  • Play videos/movies on HDMI
  • Option to choose if movies play on small touch screen or HDMI screen
  • Option to choose audio to go to the headphone jack or HDMI or BlueTooth
  • Web interface to the playlist, songs, delete, and upload
  • Copying songs between the internal SD card and an external SD card
  • When copying songs to an external SD card choose a folder that already has songs
  • Copying songs from SD card adds the folder name as part of the song
    if the song name doesn't contain a -
  • Ability to lock device with encryption/password
  • Clicking on a playlist twice in "Edit Playlist" mode allows you to choose the songs in the playlist using checked list box.
  • Dispaly a splash screen .bmp while the playlist and list of songs is loading
  • Anti-theft feature with serial number from /proc/cpuinfo
  • Send playlists to friends over wifi
  • Play music to wireless bluetooth headphones
  • Download songs with oxide website
  • Make a backup of the SD card using the GUI interface
  • Copying SD card should warn you that you should disconnect
    unnecessary hard drives
  • Keyboard buttons for creating playlists
  • Easy user interface to setup the wifi from the player
  • Show the device serial number
  • Ability to send/receive text messages
  • 400/900 Mhz chip for texting/transferring songs 1 mile
  • Portable lithium power supply
  • Case made with a 3D printer
  • Show # of songs on the playlists
  • Auto update feature should restart the player
  • When playing a video on the touch screen, touching the screen should open a control to stop/start the video.
  • The playlist should be a tree instead of a list
  • Play/download songs from Pandora
  • Read GPIO 35 to determine if there's a low voltage issue and display it.
  • Play .wma files
  • Normalize song volumes
  • Add an option to turn off the screen to save power
  • Transferring files to Usb should have a drop down to choose a play list.