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10/16/2023 07:35:58 PMI finished the update of the database to MariaDB 11.2. I edited /etc/hosts to change the entry for database to point to the new IP address.
10/14/2023 07:21:46 AMI wrote a C# program to connect with two MySql databases and copy data from one database to another. I'll use this to move the data from the old MariaDB 10 database to the new MariaDB 11.2 database.
10/10/2023 09:32:31 AMI installed MariaDB 11.2 on a PI 4 with a 16 terabyte hard drive. This will be the new database server.
11/7/2022 10:00:44 AMUsing a new router, I changed all the servers to use 192.168.2.X.