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5/13/2019 10:05:31 PMThe Music Player program is getting too big to compile. I broke out the project into several C# DLL projects.
4/20/2019 12:14:37 AMI upgraded the web server from nginx 1.13.4 released in August of 2017 to nginx 1.15.12 released this month. Two years is a long time to go without upgrading the web server. I downloaded the source code and recompiled it.
4/19/2019 11:17:09 PMI changed this admin_blog.chp page to only allow editing if the source IP begins with 192.168. Having a password on a webpage is annoying to visitors.
4/18/2019 11:36:39 PMI found out the w00tw00t requests I`ve been seeing in the server logs are automated attempts at hacking into a D-Link router vulnerability. From reading about it, D-Link had a back door purposely put into their router. Sad.